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Mittwoch, 30. Juli 2014

Tokyo; Ikebukuro

haiiii guys~
time for a short update!!

First we went to Shibuya to get an appointment at the Hair Salon COCO for me :3 
I was kinda nervous...and excited of course!! I don't know why but all of a sudden...the both girls there understood a bit english O_o WHY?! anyway, they gave me an appointment for the next day, first at 2 o'clock but I told them that I'm going to the Gazette concert around 5pm. So the cute staff changed it to 11o'clock :D YATTA beautiful hair before the THE GAZETTE concert -> OKAY perfect hahah

Afterwards we went to Ikebukuro and walked trough the streets. Jessica bought a lot at this Hello Kitty Gift Gate. She loves this kitty kat. Next stop, Sunshine City. It's so huge there!!
I don't have that much to talk about today but it was a nice day :3

Oh yeah. In the train happened something very cute. Jessica gave her seat to an old lady (again) and she was so happy and cute, and thankful of course. And all of a sudden she gave us a caramel bonbon...we were sooooo suprised by that xD" She talked a bit to us and we ate the bonbon >8D It was delicious. after that she gave us another one ;3; and said baibai as we had to leave the train < 3 That's why she became our "japanese grandmother" lol 

SO here are some pictures, 

caramel BONBON

oyasumi nasai ~ < 3 



Dienstag, 29. Juli 2014

Tokyo; Akihabara & Hamamatsucho

haiiii guys~
Hello Hello :D

Today we went to Akihabara.
Outfit ~ 

stuuuuupid picture~  


Just walking trough the streets...looking at some Anime/ Manga, and AKB stuff..Of course there are also some electronic shops!! We both aren't very interested in the Anime World but anyway, Akihabara is a cool part of Tokyo..somehow ww
A cute Maid gave me a flyer for their Cafe...It was a Maid from Maidreamin. A very popular Maid Cafe. I just can't say NO to those cute little girls...So...she took us to her Cafe 8D
Here I am again, in a fancy Maid Cafe. There weren't many people inside, and the maids were all very friendly and cute (like always) We ordered one of the 3 different Sets. I took the Lunch Set (Katsucurry, with a drink, a keyholder and a picture with one of the maids.) For about...2000 Yen.
They made a super cute show all of a sudden, one of the Maids went on stage, singing and the others made music etc..But one of the Maids did...the OTAKU dance omfg hahahah BEST DANCE EVER
One of their Maids had her Birthday today so we sang for her...soooo cute >//<
The food was very delicious! We had fun and yeah..~

we've got those cute accessories to wear in the Cafe.
my cheki with the maid < 3 

After a very sweet Baibai~
we walked trough Akihabara again.
Until we get tired of this Anime/Manga scene hahah
but here are pictures!

Next stop, Hamamatsucho~ 
Pokemon Center!

Here are my gets~
Gloomy bear pillow~

so much Pokemon stuff *^*

new towel < 3

I've won this MAGIC candle~ whoooop

some of our puris~