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Mittwoch, 23. Juli 2014


haiiii guys~!!
so first entry live from Tokyo!
Our trip went very well, everything was fine with the flight, people were nice..and yeah 8D
best thing on earth happened to us a short time after we passed trhough the customs duty..

"Hey, hey! Wait, please wait! Wait!" 
A japanese camera team followed us Dx After 16 hours of travelling a god damn reportet and his team caught us at the airport...They made an interview with us...yeah...we were tired, looked messed up...and it was hot..
He asked us random questions like "Why are you here? What do you like to do in Tokyo? Where do you stay, how long? Are you students? What is your favorite japanese food....etc" Oh gosh..hahah xD It was so funny talking to this team...but also a bit embarrassing...8D"

After 30 minutes they were done, very happy and thankful! So we could leave the airport~ 

Happily arrived in Arakawa - ku 1 hour later. So here we are, at the Guesthouse...relaxing because we didn't sleep in the plane...And the weather was unbelievable hot today! Perfect timing to arrive hahah

We bought some drinks and foods and are some pictures! 

Keisei Line 

I'm so happy to be back again! < 3 

They played LET IT GO in the konbini?!!!
and afterwards Do you wanna build a snowman in jp...

and of course Godzilla 8D



popteen and zipper with kyary chan < 3 

So the first day is going to end soon...we will go to the Konbini again to buy some food and sleep afterwards!
We are so done haha Tomorrow's plan; HARAJUKU 



  1. Really love your post :) that Frozen snack looks really funny.
    Bai, Shiki

  2. I wonder if it's the show I usually watch that interviewed you... heheh, cool stuff! ^__^
    Have a fab time in Japan!!!

    1. I don't hope so..omfg xD
      Thank you! < 3

  3. Wow~ du bist ja wirklich schnell mit dem Bloggen XD
    haha~ ja klar immer wenn's einem gerade nicht in den Kram passt und man vollkommen fertig ist und auch so aussieht, dann passiert sowas XP Aber nett, dass ihr das Interview trotzdem gegeben habt XD
    aww~ Popteen und Zipper... die Zipper krieg ich hier ja immer nicht^^°
    bye bye <3

    1. ja ich versuch jeden Abend was vom Tag zu posten xD"
      Es war dezent peinlich!! ><" Die waren super freundlich..und wir hatten keine Wahl die sind uns nachgerannt um was von uns zu hören hahah
      EGG is ja leider nemmer da ;__; Da braucht man halt Alternativen...
      danke fürs kommi! ^__^ <3

  4. Ich freu mich, dass du wieder in Tokyo bist!
    Deine Posts zu lesen, macht immer eine ganze Menge Spaß. :D
    Und ich wünsch euch ganz viel Spaß und eine tolle Zeit. (:

    1. Ohw, freut mich so sehr das zu hören! So lieb von dir < 3
      Vielen lieben dank! :D <3