in the middle of chaos

Sonntag, 13. Juli 2014


haiiiiii guys!!!
I am so sorry! Gonna blog more when I'm in Tokyo!! Promise :)


as you can see in my title...

I'm done with school!! No more tests, no more teachers! I am freee~

I've got my results on the 27 of june...And still..I can't believe it.
I made it...I finally made it. I did my exams without any trouble..I'm done with school.
It's something really strange. As if it's still unreal...can't describe my feelings and thoughts. BUT I am so happy!!

My graduation party was last tuesday. Meeting all my classmates again and celebrate our new freedom! < 3
That's a very special moment. Once in a lifetime. Gosh I could cry again, so happy ;3;

So, this was my outfit~
Sadly the weather was horrible that day, wind and rain ._. 
Here are my nails < 3 
I've bought them last year in Shibuya109 and I never wore them..So it was the perfect chance! 
They are soooo pretty, aren't they? < 3 
Here are my two diplomas!! < 3 
still can't believe I'm done with school...done with being a student...haha

so far guys! 
I'm gonna change my blog design soon and I'll change my blog URL too...
many things will change here!
stay tuned and fabulous ~ 



  1. Oh, herzlichen Glückwunsch. ^^ Das ist wirklich ein tolles Gefühl, oder? Endlich frei. :D

    1. Danke!! :D
      Ja ist es!! Es ist so unbegreiflich hahaha

  2. Yay, du hast's geschaft! Herzlichen Glückwunsch!!!