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Samstag, 19. Juli 2014

no more rukipe~

haii guys,

some of you may have seen that I didn't only change my blog layout.
I've deleted my old ask account and made a new one..
If you have questions, are interested or you are using ask as well, here is my new ask account!

I also changed my twitter account. My old one "rukipe" is still there but I don't use it anymore (so gonna delete it also pretty soon) If you still want to follow me on twitter, find me here~

I wanted to change my blog URL too but it's hard to find a new name, so it's gonna stay like that.
Even if I don't like "rukipe" anymore.

Oh my instagram name is also "rutsune" now.

baibai rukipe~
the past is in the past, ne?

I use the name rukipe for some years now, at the beginning people really called me "ruki" or "rukipe" but now everyone is calling me ania, by my real name. I've got bored of rukipe since a while..
Another reason is that rukipe became something negative for me.
So many bad things happened and it's annoying being "Oh that's rukipe? This biaaatch??" You know?
It was time for a change, so here is "rutsune".

so far, 3 days are left !! I'm so excited!!


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