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Samstag, 26. Juli 2014

Tokyo; Asakusa / Sumidagawa Firework Festival

Hello guys~
How are you doing??
So here is another entry! Our first plan was to visit Harajuku again for the Meiji Shrine and the Cat Street but...Kuga-san told us about the huge Firework in Asakusa. The biggest one in Tokyo. And a firework festival in Japan means, delicious food, beautiful people in their yukata and a great atmosphere.
So we changed our plan and visited Asakusa a few hours before the firwork at the Sumidagawa.
Well, there were already many people and taking a full train isn't funny...okay it is..for the first 2 minutes maybe.
Anyway. We found our way to the Senso-ji and were kinda excited!
We took a look at all the tiny shops, the food and searched a place to sit down and take a rest.
First we bought delicious ice ~

Afterwards we talked a lot and watched all those pretty people in their yukata < 3 
sounds like a stalker..but they are so beautiful >//<

Here are some pictures of the day/evening 

I didn't took any pictures of the firework because I prefer watching it instead of filming it. 
But it was very pretty.
with our new friend >8D

back home we found...kyary..
fancy desu ne 8D 

Arashi CM!! < 3 

Some kind of...festival in the school...I don't know ;3;

Bought a pepsi and got this cutie OKAY?!
Only in Japan hahah 



  1. Asakusa has lots of fun things to see. ^^

  2. so beautiful:3
    and aww you got a fennekin