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Donnerstag, 24. Juli 2014

Tokyo; Harajuku

haiii guys!!
Guess where we went today?!
Jessica  wanted to start with Harajuku. So we did! And it was awesome, perfect day to go there!
Let's start~

ootd :3
-Zukki Mouse Shirt (Kazuki/SCREW Merch)
-Scrunchy (Jin/SCREW Merch)
-Suicidal Cap
-Creepers (seaside ..or sth like that haha)
-choker (Shop in Harajuku...)

with the lovely Jessica <3 nbsp="" p="">
we are so ready to shop >8D 

First of all we went to some tiny shops at the beginning of the Takeshita Dori.
Oh btw..
here is comes~
We were so lucky!
The street was quite empty today 8D (may gonna thank the laforet bazar for it..)

So after a little shopping..we made puris! :3 
(crapy quality but...yeah 8D )

I love our first puris together 8D < 3

Afterwards we ate some crêpes...OF COURSE
they are so delicious, you have to eat them in Harajuku..! least in Tokyo!
I had Mango fresh Cream...I love it !

And then our shopping trip started! :3 
There are a few new shops in the Street! :O kinda many changes in a year haha
And so many nice people..shopstaffs etc..Gosh a good reason to love Japan.
after the Takeshita Dori we went to LAFORET. I didn't know they had SALE time...It even starts today...HAHAHA
look at this god damn ballon tree..OKAY?! haha
And that's where the WAR starts.
everywhere!! I love those hyper cute voices of the japanese shopstaffs so much haha but they were completely crazy! haha
So man people, it was so loud...only exception were the shops of Ghost of Harlem, Lover's Rock and the other more "cool" fashioned shops. all the pretty guuurlz in there fancy shops were totally wild oô 

After we find our way out again! we went through some streets. 
I was so hungry and tired c.c So we ate something at a restaurant at the Takeshita Dori.
Italian food, yeay~ Bolognese Pasta, it was good!

We visited Daiso too for some every cheap things 8D 
and went to the train station because the weather looked kinda...shitty all of a sudden.
And thank god we went back. As soon as we arrived in the Guesthouse the thunderstorm started...
Cold and strong wind in Tokyo? In summer? Better go home haha

oh was fuckin hot today hahah

So here are my gets from Harajuku :D

I'm gonna wear them for the Gazette concert next week haha 8D

new lashes, also bottom lashes..:x

Listen Flavor~ 
fancy kitty is fancy~

Lovers Rock~

Ghost of Harlem~

 this watch was a present from Super Lovers!! 
it's pretty cool :O
we were so happy to get one and the shopstaff was smiling all the time hahah...
he might tought we were some retarted gaijins..but hey...I've never got a watch for free in Luxembourg xD"


that's all for today. Tomorrow; SHIBUYA
that means..GLAVIL < 3 



  1. Ah omg bby!
    Die Puris sehen echt schön aus!
    Und die Sachen die du dir gekauft hast auch! :3
    Ich wünsche dir noch sehr viel spaß!

  2. haha~ hab schon auf facebook dein video aus'm Laforet gesehen XD das pure Chaos XD aber so geil <3 <3 <3
    ach und die "Erdbeerflops" hab ich auch...sogar gerade an ^^°... weil Hausschuhe
    bye bye

    1. hahaha es war KRIEG, einfach nur KRIEG haha aber so amüsant! xD
      Die sind so scheisse toll! xD bester Einkauf ever!

  3. Keep having a fun time in Tokyo! ^^