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Mittwoch, 30. Juli 2014

Tokyo; Ikebukuro

haiiii guys~
time for a short update!!

First we went to Shibuya to get an appointment at the Hair Salon COCO for me :3 
I was kinda nervous...and excited of course!! I don't know why but all of a sudden...the both girls there understood a bit english O_o WHY?! anyway, they gave me an appointment for the next day, first at 2 o'clock but I told them that I'm going to the Gazette concert around 5pm. So the cute staff changed it to 11o'clock :D YATTA beautiful hair before the THE GAZETTE concert -> OKAY perfect hahah

Afterwards we went to Ikebukuro and walked trough the streets. Jessica bought a lot at this Hello Kitty Gift Gate. She loves this kitty kat. Next stop, Sunshine City. It's so huge there!!
I don't have that much to talk about today but it was a nice day :3

Oh yeah. In the train happened something very cute. Jessica gave her seat to an old lady (again) and she was so happy and cute, and thankful of course. And all of a sudden she gave us a caramel bonbon...we were sooooo suprised by that xD" She talked a bit to us and we ate the bonbon >8D It was delicious. after that she gave us another one ;3; and said baibai as we had to leave the train < 3 That's why she became our "japanese grandmother" lol 

SO here are some pictures, 

caramel BONBON

oyasumi nasai ~ < 3 



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  1. Looks like another fun day. ^^