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Freitag, 25. Juli 2014

Tokyo; Shibuya / Part 1

haii guys~ !
Quick entry because I'm kinda tired and it's already pretty late~
We went to Shibuya today, the shopping paradise (next to Harajuku...or Shinjuku..) anyway!
We had some goals to reach! -> Tower Records -> One Piece Store -> Buy a Yukata -> Shibuya 109 -> Hachiko

We didn't buy a Yukata yet.
But everything else is checked~
Sooo let's start with our outfit of the day~
Shirt; Listen Flavor 
hairaccessory; creepsville (..I think..sorry)
choker; GLAVIL
watch: Super Lovers 

First stop in Shibuya, was Hachiko...of course the good old Hachiko

Next stop, Tower Records. 

We searched so long to find kyary's new album c.c
but we got it!!! < 3 it's so special, you will see.

 oh and look what I've found!
Golden Bomber!!! <  3

oh and Frozen of course haha

....sorrynot sorry!

After Tower Records, we wanted to take a break, it's still freakin hot and we didn't have breakfast. 
But..first Puris~


this one os shitty..hahah xD 
I didn't really recognize the puri started already..

love this one < 3

Mugiwara Store~


and the disney store~

Now, off to a restaurant!
We went to a fancy italian restaurant...with food from...Spain, Italy...and some japanese food as well.
Anyway! It was a new restaurant and very good!! And the prices were cheap!

Banana Coconut Cocktail ~

delicious pizza...I can't survive without pizza...sorry guys.

sorry guys~
need to end this entry here..
the internet connection is a pain in the ass and it's almost 3am right now.
I am super tired and have to get up early. 

Next entry;
Shibuya Part 2!
-> Shibuya 109
-> my gets


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