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Samstag, 26. Juli 2014

Tokyo; Shibuya / Part 2

soooo where did I stop?

wandering around in Shibuya to find our way to Shibuya109~

the pet shop...the dogs and cats are sooo cute but to see them in those boxes is pretty sad. 

There we are~!

I'm not a Sailor Moon fan but come on..This looks pretty.

So we looked at almost each shop but my kokoro found it's way to my most beloved shops in the world...

So here we are~!
the staff at GLAVIL was sooooo cute and tiny! < 3 
and hello? Sale??
bought clothes for more than 200€ and got them for 160€ 
Fancy >8D
Gosh I love GLAVIL..I can't leave Shibuya109 without buy something at GLAVIL

 Next, CO&LU
She is sooo pretty!!
Jessica was like "I wanna marry her" (well she said that to each Shopstaff hahah but they are all soo beautiful)

Last stop, GLADNEWS~
She was amazing omg
Talked a lot with us and I was so happy that she was so nice with us and kinda interested
haha shopstaffs know how to earn money >8D

So we left 109 and took the train back home.

Here are my lovely gets :

FREE, Rin Matsuoka keyholder
I'm not sorry it's so cute okay?!

Finally got kyary's new album!! < 3 

with DVD and Sticker Specials >8D



the tshirt looks very cool!! but on the floor it looks like a tent

and a beautiful dress < 3 


I wanted this one for a while and finally I've got it!! I'm so glad they still had it in their store < 3 

one piece < 3 saw this on GLAVIL's official instagram and I...WANTED it so badly!

A new skirt < 3 

So this are my gets so far from Shibuya109
I'm so happy with everything ! 

happiest rad girl alive < 3



  1. Nice gets. ^__^

  2. waaa~ voll toll <3
    voll tolle Sachen ^^ die Co&Lu Sachen würden mir auch gefallen ~sporty cute <3 <3 <3
    Ach und sag mal, gibt es eigentlich nun wieder oder wie auch immer den SBY im 109?...meine Freundin meite ja der wäre weg gewesen...
    bye <3

    1. Der is noch da, also is alles so wie letztes Jahr, nur unten sind neue Shops :o