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Montag, 28. Juli 2014

Tokyo; Shibuya / Shinjuku / Harajuku - Meiji Shrine

haiii guys~
Sorry I didn't update yesterday!
We went quite late back home and yeah I was just too tired.

But here comes the huge update! :D

On sunday we went to Shibuya to meet with a very cute and such a pretty girl with the name Charlott.
I write with her since a few weeks..months? I don't remember and I've got the chance to meet her in person! 

we were so ready before the heat and the rain destroyed us haha

We went to Shibuya109 to wait there..Okay we went kokoro wanted to see GLAVIL again.. aaaaaand, I wore a whole GLAVIL outfit (you will see it soon) and the staff was already like "KAWAII!! Arigatou Gozaimasu~!!! " She was so happy to see me wearing their clothes, also the other 2 staffs were so nice and always >8D I didn't plan to buy somehting..but..failed. 
She showed me a shirt and I was like "already have it" She was a bit shocked and show me another one..which I already have hahaha But I've found some other nice clothes...I'm so glad they fit!! I'm always a bit afraid because Glavil isn't always made for...NOT SKINNY bodies or for bodies with beeewbs. 
Anyway. I've choose my things and payed..and gave them my...point card number 2 which is now full 8D And the staffs were shocked and happy again. so funny. So I've got my third GLAVIL point card. 
Afterwards I asked for a pictures...because the staff looked soooooo pretty! She was fine with it and told something to the other staff..
And there it goes...They made a picture of us for their BLOG (;____; ) I'm so happy and feeling honored to be in their blog again ;3; She even asked our names and wrote them down omfg < 3 happiest girl alive? yes it was me! 
So here is the entry! 

She is such a sweetheart...! >//< 
And the Garula Staff in the back..HAHAHA 
photobomb lvl KAWAII 

After this little shopping trip we left Shibuya109 and wait in front of the Sailor Moon CMs for Charlott. 
A japanese woman looked at us with a big smile, looked at the Sailor Moon picture and said our hair would look very cute ¦D hahah we didn't make it because of Sailor Moon...but okay!
every compliment is welcome!

Oh creeeeeeepy shit~ 
an elder man came to us and wanted a picture of us with Sailor Venus in the back..WTF but okay, he talked a bit to us and left...straaaange
A few minutes later, Charlott came ! 

We made some puris with her, talked a lot, okay she talked a lot hahah but she's so nice and funny < 3

Time for the fancy Alice Cafe in Shibuya !
and I mean...FANCY

It's quite expensive...well my food and cocktail was good so it's okay but one visit is enough. anyway the restaurant is nice and the music is...DISNEY all the time. cute~

We left after 2 hours and went to Shinjuku, to drink something, meet up with one of Charlott friends and..singing Karaoke~
Fun Fun Fun~

all of a sudden..JUNJUN < 3 


We left some time before midnight...
And were home at...1am?? 
It was late okay hahaha

here are my sunday gets~


Today we visited the Meiji Shrine.
It's a beautiful, peaceful place in the middle of the big Tokyo City Life !
So let the pictures talk~

wedding! we were so lucky!!

Back to Harajuku!
Cat Street and stuff ~
and I was so happy that Yuka-san was there < 3 

kyary *3*

aaaaaand we went back to Shibuya for Don Quijote.
and I've found this...8D
GB everywhere lol

my gets...I didn't plan to buy stuff!!!
charm for luck and against Evil 

This little guy is dancing to ya music HAHHA xD 

Tomorrow Akihabara ~



  1. voll toll deine posts zu lesen ^^
    haha~ schön, dass du dir Gedanken machst, dass das Alice Café zu teuer ist aber du dafür ständig bei Glavil shoppen gehst XD *lol* na ja aber irgendwo muss man ja sparen! Ich würde auch eher am Essen sparen ^^°...
    Garula photo bomb !!! Richtig geil XD
    ooh toll du warst bei 6%Dokidoki ^^ wobei ich die andere Shop Staff also nicht die Yuka-san sondern... Vani...heißt die so...? egal... toller finde XP..sorry unnötige Info^^°
    Ach ja und der Gachapin Anzug ist ja mal richtig geil !!!
    bye bye