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Dienstag, 5. August 2014

Tokyo; Disneyland / The Lock Up / Roppongi

haiiiii guys~!!
I'm so sorry, I didn't get the chance to blog the last few days. Too tired and stuff.
 So here comes a huge post with many pictures.
btw, If you wanna read and see Jessica's reports of Tokyo, please visit her fancy blog!

Let's start with our sunday!

Jessica has ordered our tickets like..two (?) months ago! Before Tokyo. We were able to enter Tokyo Disneyland at 3pm 'til 10pm. I was so excited !! It was my first time at a Disneyland!! And my first time going to a amusement park too..;3;
First at all we ate something at the Tabata Station and then we were Maihama!

there we go! 

it's so huge!! And so wonderful and so peaceful and happiness everywhere~ 
totally disney...really..hahaheverybody is like
(der Arsch wird net mit Zucker sondern mit Zuckerwatte gepudert..)

we've met Chap at the entry!! >//<
I didn't take my chance for a picture with him as you can see his was pretty busy...
Even if Jessica was like "GO!! DO A PICTURE! Stand next to him! GO GO GO" 
nahhh...but the children and shit ._.

there were so many shops..didn't think they would have that much things to sell..

the castle!!! There it is >///<

my childhood came back that day.
Was like a dream, a fancy dream~

the park was very pretty.

We've seen a parade!! So lucky! :D
The parade was amazing and took some time.
I won't post to many pictures here...the quality isn't the best as well..sorry.

 My very first attraction was "Alice Tea Party"
so much fun!! I swear haha We went there 3 times...haha
Other games we did;
-Big Thunder Mountain (very cooL!)
-Pirates of the Carribean (cool)
-Haunted Mansion ( cool)
-Enchanted Tiki Room (...yeah lol)
I like each game so far < 3
but hell yeah tea party haha

Soon it was dark over there and a special show started...

oh and the light parade started as well! < 3 

I have some more videos but it takes a while to upload them so here is just one.
It was an amazing show!!
I had tears in my eyes. Disney gave me so many nice memories. We all grown up with disney leading us.
Gosh < 3

Some gaijin pictures haha

of coure we've bought some Minnie Ears~

looking as dumb as the bear lol

met Chap (?) again..not sure but he's nose is big and red so it has to be him haha
Cowboy Chap < 3 
or "Dale" I prefer the german names lol

The staff in the park made all the pictures xD 
It's soooo nice that they are doing that! 

I've bought some things for my sister because she loves disney so much
sadly didn't take pictures of the two disney shirts I've bought there as well xD
One with Donald Duck and one with Chip & Chap

I couldn't resist okay...
I mean...I love Elsa hahaha

for my sister ~

for my sister as well

Jessica and I bought this two cuties!
Friend Key..charm things!
anyway I've got Daisy < 3 

We left the park around 10pm and yeah.. I was super happy < 3 

Now, Monday~

We only went to Shibuya at the afternoon...because...we had a reservation at the Prison themed restaaurant "The Lockup" 
First we checked some shops, went trough the streets of Shibuya...Have seen a little girl stoping all of a sudden at the street..vomiting..We were kinda sad for her, because no one cares but she ran away before we could talk to her. 
We went to the Lockup at 6pm.
Found the entrance...and were afraid like tiny chickens in front of a fox...
I swear to god! As soon as you open the door..and it close behind are completly in darkness...
lost...with some strange voices and sounds right next and above to you..It was so scary!!
We were standing there in the darkness..looking into..nothing !! and screaming for every single creepy sound xD" "You go first!" "Like hell I would go first!!" We were so afraid OKAY?!
Jessica used her phone light...and there was a way in front of us...and a scary figure..sitting in a cage...just hangin there..and we knew!! yes we knew he would so something as soon as we would pass him!!
1...2..3 AND HE DID!! Dx
The figure moved, screamed and had some red light and I don't know it was creepy xD
We passed him, went the way to some other creepy stuff, always with scary voices..and we didn't know where the main entry could be! xD 
Suddenly there were like 3 doors. Two said "Pull"
One said "slide"...We didn't do a single shit xD 2 japanese girls came behind us, open a "pull" door where a scary doll lived...Opened the slide door and YEAY, we found the entry.
A police woman came to us, ask some questions and came with us.
She took some handcuffs and asked "Who did a crime today?" My finger pointed at Jessica and her finger at me xD like wtf no! But I've got the handcuffs because I've spent to much money at GLADNEWS ;3; 
The police woman took us to our cell and left us. 
It was dark, the music kinda fancy and yeah...Time to eat and drink!! :D 
The atmosphere is amazing !

I've ordered a cocktail first. 
banana, coconut and cotton candy...Right
Cottoncandy in my cocktail hahha

we both ordered pizza :3
cross pizza...fancy 8D
and delicious!

our desserts~

jessica's was so huge! :O

looks like a nipple...should be an eye haha

Now let me tell you what the hell happened while we ate our pizza...or wanted to eat our pizza.
All of a sudden a strange alarm clock rand, the light were out...
MONSTERS ran through the restaurant, went to people's tables, yelled at them, shocked them...and do other stuffs xD 
We were so afraid!! Screaming even if the monsters weren't looking for us xD
Scary and funny at the same..
The attack took like 7 minutes and it was really cool!! 
Afterwards a police woman went through the restaurant "Is everyone okay?! We've got the monsters!" 
hehehe...and suddenly the monsters were back Dx 
I can't describe how amazing this shit was 

after 2 hours we left the Lockup...and we had to go the same way as we entered it...ya exactly..nice xD
we ran like idiots! xD 

If you ever get the chance to visit shibuya, please...try the LockUp!
This place is awesome if you like creepy stuff!

Oh yeah we've visited Shibuya109 again...
Same look as the shopstaff!
She was so happy to see me wearing it ! >//< 
And it's Kana-chan again! She made a blog entry about us the last week!! < 3 
and know what..she made...another one 8D

I've showed her the other entry and she was soooo cute and excited! 
gooooood I lve GLAVIL so much!!
and the shopstaffs there as well < 3 always so nice and kind!
And I used my 2 point card to get a reduction < 3 yeeeay~ not sure if I'm gonna use my third card this
baibai money and shit.

and as I said before...I've bought something at GLADNEWS right before the horror trip...
and the most fancy shopstaff was there..
gaaaaa she is so pretty!!
I don't remember why I laughed like an idiot in this picture but I was happy!! < 3 

 my gets~


it's black..(fucking light in this room..)


back at the guesthouse ~

And now 
Today we went to Roppongi for the Hard Rock Cafe and the GODZILLA statue!
other dudes go to Roppongi to drink and stuff..nope not super gaijins hahaha

super gaijin outfit!

I never ever went to a Hard Rock Cafe before..
Excited again!!

best burger of my life...I want to go back ! 
It's so delicious..not very cheap but delicious and huge.

I've bought a shirt for me and my dad 8D

hello Tokyo Tower~

Time for Godzilla!
Our way lead us to the Tokyo Midtown Garden!
And it's a beautiful place!
a pretty park inside of Roppongi..all of a sudden hahaha

brace yourself for...GODZILLA SPAM!!!!


He's amazing and biiiiig~!!

It was very hot today and next to the park was some kind of "pool for feet"...I don't know how to call it xD"
You had to ask the staff there, they gave you a seat number and bought you to your place :3

We ennjoyed this place pretty much!

Time to go back home. 
We don't want to be in Roppongi at night or afternoon.
some dangerous things are happening there at night...

We had a good time today!! < 3
so many highlights < 3

Ohhh the shopstaff in the Hard Rock Shop saw my Rin Matsuoka charm and was like "Rin chan!! RIN CHAN!!! I love Rin chan" 
abbfffs 4ever...I swear lol



  1. Genau so, wie ich es noch nie geschafft habe in ein Maid Café zu gehen, habe ich es auch noch nie geschafft in Disneyland/Disneysea zu gehen in Japan....
    In Amerika nächstes Jahr wird das dann aber hoffentlich mal was XP ich hoffe da gibt es auch die Minnie-Ohren und ich bezweifele, dass der Staff so nett ist und Fotos macht -.-°
    Über das "The Lock up" hab ich schon mehrere blogeinträge gelesen^^° Deiner war der detaillierteste XP Ich weiß ja nicht, ob das was für mich wäre... ich hasse ja Horror aller Art und hasse Gruselkabinette oder Geisterbahnen -.-° aber schön, dass ihr so viel Spaß/Furcht hattet XD
    Roppongi mochte ich damals nicht besonders... ok. wir waren in der Tat auch nur wegen dem Hard Rock Café da ^^°... nachts dort Party machen möchte ich aber eigentlich auch nicht wirklich -.-°
    wobei man ja allerhand unterschiedliches darüber hört von "super toll zum Party machen" über "voll gefährlich" bis zu "sind sowieso nur Gaijins da".... whatever...
    abe jaaaa Godzilla XD very nice <3

  2. GOJIRAAAA * W * Da kann es gar nicht genug Bilder geben (der Rest ist natürlich auch schön aber ughh Gojiira <333)

  3. Tokyo Disneyland macht so viel Spass! Das Merchandise ist immer so süss und ich muss mir immer alles Kaufen wenn ich dort bin... ^^;;