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Samstag, 2. August 2014


haiii guys~
sorry for being a bit late...

but it's still like a dream for unreal.
I've seen The GazettE live last thursday and it was amazing!! They are live very very good.
Ruki's voice is live the best. Still in love with his unforgettable voice. If you ever get the chance to see them live, do it. Jessica was impressed too! She didn't know the Gazette that much but she went with me to the concert (her first concert in Japan and it's a HERESY only Gazette concert hahah)
So glad she likes Ruki's voice as well. And also Reita, Kai, Uruha and Aoi know how to play live. They really do. I guess Jessica likes Reita the most...because of his spinning around trip hahaha
"De Butz" hahah

Let's start with the day! The concert was at Tsutaya O -East in Shibuya! (I know the venue and where to stand the best in the hall 8D)
So we went to Shibuya in the morning (nope, not to wait for The Gazette in front of the venue, we aren't creepy little girls) to go to the Hairdresser 8Dv
Fancy, shiny hair for the concert~
And they made my hair exactly the way I wanted it. 16.000 Yen. Colour, cut and extensions. Salon COCO.
Here is the result.~

 making puris together 

Went to a restaurant before the concert. Don't go on a concert without food or water in your tummy. 
You will die.

Nearly time for the Gazette!
It's not difficult to find a venue when there are so many fancy sixth guns on the street of Shibuya. We just asked two very cute and pretty girls if we could accompany them, they said yes and there we go!
We talked to some other fans in front of the venue and waited for the Ticket office to open~
sry Uruha, you are just to shiny for my camera.

After I've got my tickets, we relaxed at a cafe near the venue.
We had about 1 hour before the Open so time to chill~!

I knew exactly where I wanted to stand so as soon as we were inside, we went upstairs, got a locker, went to the toilet and off to the balcony, right in the middle, behind two cute japanese girls.
Ruki was in front of me, we were able to see everything on stage perfectly. It was awesome! 
As I said at the beginning, their lives are good. Very good. 
Nothing more to say about it.
Suddenly..they played favorite Gazette song..
As soon as the melody started, I cried. Like a baby. Jessica was even holding my hand, she's such a cutie ;3;
I've been crying for the whole song. It means a lot to me and I was so glad that I've got the chance to hear it live. Thank you for this chance.

They also played other beloved Songs, like FILTH IN THE BEAUTY.
I swear to Karma, I was the happiest person alive.

The concert took an end and we went to the Merch. 
Honestly I didn't plan to buy something BUT it's like a tradition to buy something at a concert.
So I did. 
We left the venue, visited a restaurant and our moods were so...high xD 
We laughed all the time without a reason. 
stupid gaijin lol
the situation in the train was even funnier haha

So here are my gets~

SCREW FLYER~ < 3 perfect hahah

sixth gun
rad desu ne~

I would write a lot more but..I still can't believe I've really seen them live.
After 8 years. hahaha
my body still hurts~

oh here are our outfits.
Shirt; Super Lovers

something cozy for a concert. 
I took off my lenses and lashes to enjoy the concert the best.



  1. Hello! I have been following your blog for quite a while and you've helped me with a few things for my next trip to Japan! ^___^ I also gained tickets to a heresy gig while im in Japan! /o/ I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions about the gig, if thats alright ^^? <3