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Donnerstag, 7. August 2014

Tokyo; Odaiba

haiiii guys~

today we went to Odaiba! 
It's really pretty there and you need almost a day to see the main things there! (without runing like hell)
Did something special happened?? Oh well! Some japanese stared at us like crazy..A guy looked at me the whole time in the train...not sure if fancy or not...Even when he was outside the train he gave me a wtf, is something wrong with my face? Or was it more like "kawaii gaijin" lol pretty unsure
Anyway~ Odaiba here we are !
Fuji TV has a special seems like...So there were some shops outside of Fuji TV. 
Our way led to the statue of liberty to take some pictures. And to Aqua City !
First shopping mall! So many things to see < 3 next, Zepp Diver. aaaaand the last one was Venus Fort. 
We walked soooo much and....ate so much today c.c not sorry hahah
We stayed the whole day there because I wanted to show Jessica the wonderful night view. 

Now enjoy the pictures ~

gaijin modus - on ~

the shopping malls are amazing!!
I ate a pizza crepe~
there were like 20 dog shops!
no dogs BUT clothes and stuff for dogs hahah
AND Omfg. I cuddled a POMERANIAN!!!!
He was so cute! < 3 

Frozen everywhere ~

so beautiful < 3

the day was awesome < 3 
We have seen so many pretty things. 

and I've bought a few things.

Shenlong!! >o<

my gets~

and Ive bought some presents for my lovely mausi < 3