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Samstag, 16. August 2014

Tokyo; Roppongi Hills & Ginza // Tokyo, Imperial Palace

haiiiiii guys ~!
Short update !

Yesterday was a hot and sunny day. We went to Roppongi Hills to see what's up with this place~
Tiny adventure in the train. A foreigner sat next to me and all of a sudden he talked to me in english. It's soooo strange to hear perfect english in this country haha so I was kinda shocked. He talked a while with us about his Tour (right he's on Tour with a japanese J-Pop singer. I don't remember her name but well) He left the train at the Shinjuku Station and yeah- nice guy xD
Sooo there we go Roppongi.

It isn't really hard to find Roppongi Hills, it's near the JR Station and it's a nice place but I've seen more beautiful places in Tokyo to be honest :x
And firts of all the things you can see will see Doraemon...many...of them

gaijin powwaaaa~ 

here comes the ugly spider thing..

Tokyo Tower

can you feel the loooooove tonight ~ 

Tv Asahi~


fancy moment, we've found a german BIERGARTEN hahaha

this coke costs 6€ OKAY?! 

I've asked the waitress for a picture because..LOOK AT HER?!!
she looks so cuuuute in her dirndl < 3 
the other waitresses wore also dirndl...god so much kawaii < 3 
and she was so friendly! Talked a bit to us and she loved Jessica's hair so much xD 

 and...all of a sudden we've got the great idea to visit the Hard Rock Cafe again...
hello delicious burger~

Afterwards we decided to go to Ginza...the fancy city part...~
so fancy
I didn't make pictures there...all you can see there are expensive shops like, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada etc..yeay..ney hahah but it was cool to see this part of Tokyo as well.
Push the button and he talks!! >///<
I still love this dog haha

visited a CD shop aaand found kyary~

and I've found the Frozen Deluxe CD again..and bought it finally!!

gets of the day~
Frozen Deluxe CD
with all the Songs in english and japanese~
hell yeah 8D

That's all for yesterday~  

Today we did another typical gaijin thing~
the all mighty, IMPERIAL PALACE~in Tokyo

enjoy the pictures :3 

back to the Metro Station...
kinda creepy~

dinner tonight 8D



  1. I love your post. Doraemon is so cool. :3
    Bai, Shiki

    1. I don't really like this kitty..but well xD
      thanks < 3

  2. Aaah tolle Bilder!! Bist du in Japan? *-*

    1. Bin mittlerweile wieder Zuhause :)

  3. Roppongi macht immer Spass. Ich ging immer gerne dort hin.
    Übrigens, ich hab dich für den Liebster Award nominiert. ^^ Mehr Infos hier: