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Montag, 25. August 2014

Tokyo; Stylish Wave Max'14 at Tsutaya-O-East

haiiiii guys !!
Didn't blog in a while. Sorry! I'm back home since last thursday and still kinda tired. Jetlag yeay~
But I'll blog about our last days in Tokyo! Promise :3

Sunday, 17/8/14 

Our day has started in the morning. Well at least we've tried. I wanted to meet with a cutiepie before the concert and of course with my pommy!!
Let's start with our short visit to the Yoyogi Park. (I don't have any picture, sorry!)
But it was kinda strange. There were many dance groups...dancing, singing...and other artists.
After some time we went to Shibuya for lunch. Our way lead us to an italian restaurant.
We were quite late for our date with July...(such a shame omg ;////; ) and all of a sudden in the streets of Shibuya...there she was!! *_* And this girl is SO pretty omfg haha and she's very friendly and cute!
We went together to the venue (July wanted to meet another friend there )

But I wasn't able to find my pommy that time ;3; 
So we went inside and searched for a good place < 3 
The first band was Nocturnal Bloodlust and so on...I've been waiting for SCREW hahah
After some bands we decided to go to the front. Hell yeah!! Party Hard with the other bands. 
And suddenly my Pommy, Laura, was standing next to me!! *___* It was so cool to enjoy this awesome live with her!! PERFECT. 
hahah most funny fact was that Jessica got more than 1 heartattack...She's not into the VKei scene...and well ..hope you guys know how the bands look like hahaha 
BORN were amazing!! like really!! If you have the chance to see them, DO IT!!
I was asking myself WHEN WILL SCREW COME?!!!! 
And there they go...SCREW fans came to the front. And maybe I said SCREW to often, a cute japanese girl in front of me looked at me and said in japanese that SCREW will be next. I repeat my question in japanese and she was like HAI HAI!! :D We talked a bit, she asked which member is my favorite and she was so happy to see all my merch haha < 3 especially the Zukki Shirt. (she loves Kazuki the most) 

Here we go!! SCREW live < 3 It's the best < 3 The first song FUGLY omfg I'm in love with this song!! It's my number one party song since weeks hahaha and it's even better live!! < 3 
After their performance they said baibai, and the moment when Jin came to the front I've screamed JIIIIIIINNNN~ and because I was the only one screaming HIS name...he looked at me HAHAHA 
He smiled and off he were < 3 even the japanese girl in front of me looked at me and told me that he has recognized me :D She was so happy for me...hach..japanese SCREW fans < 3 

The last band was JUPITER...we didn't really care about them so we left xD 
(btw I've bought my merch right before the concert as soon as we went inside the venue)

A few unknown bandmembers came to us with their flyers. One guy was so cute, gave us the flyer "That's me! That's ME!" and guys...he looked much better without make up hahaha

We went to the restaurant and Jessica has bought the cute DINO Shirt at the galaxxy shop :3 

I was so happy that evening. I've met beloved people! Had fun, and I've seen SCREW again < 3
PERFECT ! And Jessica enjoyed the concert too! :)

Best bands: Fest Vainqueur, Born, Screw 

do you see the blonde cutie on the aldebara bla flyer???
he gave it to us hahah 

sadly they hadn't much SCREW merch ;3; 
but I'm happy with my new JIN scrunchy and SCREW Towel.
< 3 



  1. I love your post. I love Born and Fest Vainqueur :3
    Bai, Shiki

    1. Both bands were awesome!! Fest Vainqueur has a very good vocalist!

  2. I honestly don't know these bands but you sound so excited writing about this day and it sounded like alot of fun >.< ♥

    1. ohw thanks!! <3 I had a lot of fun and was very happy >//<