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Freitag, 8. August 2014

Tokyo; Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building / Tokyo Tower

haiii guys~
today was another super gaijin day!!
We wanted to see Tokyo from above...but Tokyo Tower and Sky Tree are a bit expensive (for my or our opinion) so there is just one solution.
The Government Building in Shinjuku.
You will have a perfect, wonderfull view for free!! And there are some shops inside. And a fancy expensive restaurant with a bar...So off we were to Shinjuku!

First, eat something at a restaurant but as soon as Jessica has seen a cockroach, we left. lol

aaaaand here we go~

We stayed there at the fancy bar. drunk a cocktail to see the amazing night view of Tokyo.
It was a special moment and really beautiful.

Next, Tokyo Tower. 
We wanted to see the Tower at night because it's more beautiful.
Off we go~!
and lucky me, they have a Godzilla special there~ 
an art gallery where you can also buy some old Godzilla stuff. 
happy moment.
but they were about to close the shops inside of the Tower, so we didn't have that much time!

afterwards we ate some crepes..delicious < 3 but a mess to eat haha

made some pictures of the Tokyo Tower.

Ohhhh myyy god !
We were sitting in the train, all happy until well.."drunken business guy" (he was quite young) sat at the opposite of us and yeah...he hold his head..even his hair like he was in pain, eyes closed..and sometimes he...just...lost some splittle..and first we thought he was just tired. a little bit too tired...but okay..
All of a sudden he spit a lot lol
and I was like "okay! final countdown, he's going to vomit very soon!" 
aaaaaand the train stopped...the guy hold his hand on his mouth...ran out...and IT HAPPENED.
The train closed it's doors and off we were~ like yeeay, so glad we have seen that :Dv

here are my gets

GODZLLA NEWSPAPER!! with poster >0<



  1. omg the skyscrapers at tokyo look so beautiful *-* I wish I could go there someday too >.<;; I think the cothes you bought look cool and the goozilla newspaper is really funny haha xD I wish I will be able to go there someday too! Have a safe trip ^-^ ♥