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Mittwoch, 13. August 2014

Tokyo; Vital Material / Typhoon / Hard Rock Cafe& Ikebukuro / Shinjuku / Tokyo Sky Tree

haiiii guys~
time for a new short entry!
The last few days were quite...normal?

We didn't do that much but here is a short report!

Our way led us to Harajuku. We wanted...wait...I wanted to see Ruki's latest masterpiece..
Here we go~
Fancy right?
I was kinda curious to see the items..
but first, take a ticket.
We went there around 2 o'clock....look at my ticket lol
so we went to laforet, Kiddyland, the Cat Street etc. 

we came back aaaand wow..
the exhibition room was cool! The cosmetic stuff hung there, the picture is pretty and yeah, 
off to the other room where you can try the products...
honestly..I didn't like the aroma stuff for the rooms. It didn't smell that strong but also not that fancy..
One of the perfumes smelled not bad. But the other lemon. Come on..really ?
It was disappointing. Some other girls in the room were crazy about the stuff..but we left after..3 minutes? are talented..but stop doing this.
It looks fabulous but...that's all.
all the products

at least there were many Sixth Guns in Harajuku that day. Wonder why.

My Gets.

Lover's Rock

typhoon. Yeay.
We stayed at home...And ordered Pizza at Domino's Pizza 8D
It was super delicious.
The poor guys came through the rain with his bicycle...

soooo yummy ~ !

Ueno and Ikebukuro

First stop the Ueno Station. There you can find another Hard Rock Cafe!!
Delicious burger here we come~

Next stop, Sunshine City in Ikebukuro.
but first... Hey KitKat 8D

We've found a nice nail salon/shop. They removed my old shitty nails and made my nails beautiful again for..4'000Yen. I am so happy ! 

aaaand met Godzilla again. 
They had a Godzilla exhibition...there too 8D

My Gets
I've got the 2014 Godzilla!! Thanks to Jessica's lucky hand! :D < 3

2 Muto...2 Godzilla in a Gacha..I've got Godzilla biiiatch hahah

the first Frozen Food I liked...It looks shitty..but yeah yummy and stuff.

yeah, the weather wasn't nice...and I don't have any pictures hahah sorry.
We went to ALTA and another fancy Shopping Center..That's all.

Tokyo Sky Tree!!
So many things to see there!! 

but first of all...Aiba and Ohno :D < 3 

Shopping Mall in Asakusa..yeah Why not?

Tokyo Sky Tree~

Ghibli Shop with some cute details < 3 

Rilakkuma store.

Tokyo loves Frozen so much...LET IT GO everywhere!!
heaven < 3 and look at the beautiful dress!! 

 my gets ~
I had to buy this shirt! 

and those banana cookies..8D

I also bought some presents for my family and for one of my beloved sweethearts < 3