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Sonntag, 7. September 2014

Tokyo; last day, Harajuku / Narita

haiiii guys~!!
here is my final entry about my last trip to Tokyo!

wednesday, 20/8/14

First we visited Shibuya again for the new SCREW album which I wanted to buy at Tower Records.
I was very happy and so excited to get the new album *-*

naa heaven < 3
I've bought the expensive type..of course! < 3 
CD with live DVD and some other specials last money was gone after this..Yeah my very last Yen...
Visa was done
cash was done
at least I've got my album < 3 
and the album is f** great!! to Gazette..sorry but that's funny hahah

Off wwe were, baibai Shibuya!!

Hello Harajuku! 
We made some puris, went through the Takeshita Dori and ate something. 
It was a perfect last day.
Even without money lol

We searched for one shop, since weeks. Circus Harajuku...I don't really remember. But it should be next to Candy Stripper. But we weren't able to find Candy Stripper Dx we once found it but well...hahaha
Harajuku is huge ya
So we asked 2 schoolgirls...they gave us  the wrong direction..
sooooo I've asked 2 other girls for help.
and..this happens only in Japan omg
The cuties went with us to Candy Stripper and went the way back after we arrived!
They were so cute and nice! < 33 really helpful people < 3 
but..Circus Harajuku was gone..HAHAHAHA sad.

Back to the Guesthouse, bought some beer, sat down, talked about our great trip.
And Jessia made me such a cute present. 
"Thank you for this great trip" ;____________;
I couldn't help but crying hahah

look at this cute Frozen Notebook!! < 3 

Honestly, it was the best trip to Tokyo...
Jessica is a sweet, funny and nice person!
We laughed a lot and I really hope to enjoy another vacation with her
and I miss her so much ;3;

So my last get;
SCREW Psycho Monsters.

I am so happy with this Album and the specials < 3 

Thursday, 21/8/14

Our things were packed..

and off we were..
The way to the Nippori Station was horrible..It was unbelievable hot and I'm glad that I've packed some changing clothes in my handbag...
Everything went well..Okay
I had 3kg overweight...and I had to pay 75€...THANK YOU JESSICA

lunch before the flight.
thank you suica card hahah

baibai Japan.

Back home and I am happy to be back.
Time to start my own life here
2 job interviews are waiting for me.

That was my third Tokyo adventure.
Not sure when I'll be back again. But I won't go back for a whole month again.
That's sure. And it wasn't the last time.
Can't wait.

I will make a "My gets from Japan" entry (like the years before)

so, stay fabulous with me okay?? 



  1. oooh den Butz!!! It was such a memorable vacation ;__; and so much fun with you! I could still laugh my ass off when I only think about our "classic" moments, like when we waited for 10 minutes in the entrance of the lock up because we were too scared to enter, or joking around with your godzilla figures and elsa xDDD you are too cute, I miss you too :D I already miss ou time in tokyo as well

    1. "classic moments"....ohhhh shiiiiiat 8D
      HAHAH we were so scared but at the very was awesome xD poor Elsa lol
      omg I have to see you again...let's turn back time ;3;

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