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Freitag, 5. September 2014

Tokyo; last time in Shibuya ~

haiiiii guys~

Tuesday, 19/8/14

We wanted to visit Shibuya the whole day for a last time. (Jessica wanted to spend our very last day in Harajuku, she loves Harajuku) No problemo!!
So we went trhough the streets of Shibuya, made puris, ate some Frozen Yogurt...visited 109 for a last time ;____; (so sad!! GLADNEWS has got new items...and holy shit they are awesome!!! but my money was almost gone...and my last goal was the SCREW album the next day...)
Well farewell GLAVIL....until next time ;3; 

Oh another dream came true, we went to the huge ADIDAS store and I've bought myself a Japanese jersey < 3 wanted one since years and finally got the chance haha.
Shibuya109 Men's was next. Yeah...some hot shopdudes...and gurlz...and off we were 8D 

A shopstaff came to me "Where are you from?? :D" "Luxembourg" "Ahaha!" "You know Luxembourg?" "No..." ¦D He looked at me "You rock! We have rokku clothes!" (honestly..the clothes didn´t look rokku at all xD Me "But I´m not a guy ;D" " are not" baibai dude! nice try.
Afterwards we bought this special Macha..Brownie...I don't know Fappuccino at Starbucks, sadly there weren't seats for us but we took some time at Hachiko to relax. And...I don't understand why people love this shit so much...It wasn't delicious at all _ _ " expensive yes...but that's all.
After some time we took the train back home...

our puris 

Erdbeerflops are still the best 8D

random picure
gosh I miss Jessica ;3;

I love this shirt from GLAVIL < 3 

aaand my gets
glasses case < 3

book for my chekis and some fancy lipbalm

Japan jersey :DDv

(gonna post picture of me wearing it next week )


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