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Mittwoch, 3. September 2014

Tokyo; PomPom meeting! < 3

haiiii guys!! It's been a while ne? ._.
here is another TOKYO entry!!

Monday, 18/8/14

Our plan, meet Laura and July in Shibuya again and have fun together!
So exciting!

We were kinda hungry but first...PURIKURA! :D
we thought the picture was already made...NO only Jessica looks perfect kawaii on this one hahaha xD

Laura and July are so pretty omg < 3

after this party Laura and I made some others :3 
because..we are pompoms < 3 and I love her so much 

the stupid ones...hahaha 

purikura fucked up her leg xD hahaha

Afterwards we wanted to eat something but the restaurant of our hearts were closed..We had to wait!
So we showed them some places in Shibuya, like the Mugiwara Store.

Time for some food.
Laura ordered way to much food hahaha 

We went to Donki, and to galaxxxy (for my dino shirt >8D)
galaxxxy shopstaff and moi < 3 

and to Hachiko, to sit down, relax, watch people and talk. 
I really love Laura ! < 3 she 's a great and funny person! < 3 I need to meet her again!!

the pretty jessica < 3 

Me with Laura < 3 

Shibuya at's wonderful..sitting next to Hachiko is....sometimes funny and annying. haha
some dudes wanted to flirt with us or only with Laura I don't know but they were SO annoying _ _"
A fatty dude talked to her foxtail like it was a cat "Come Kitty chuchu! Kitty Kitty"
and of course...foreigners hahaha 
A japanese guys came to Laura "Can I talk to you?" 
-"No I'm talking to my girls :D" 
And he left. Thank god there exists some kind japanese guys hahah

omfg something great happened too!
A cute girl came to Laura, she was Make Up artist and fashion design student..and she wanted Laura as a Model!!! omfg I think that was really cute and special!! < 3  you see how pretty my pommy is?!!!
I was so happy for her!
and omg
We went also to Tower Records, Laura loves Royz. 
She bought some Cd's with STICKERS. And stickers at Tower Records = SPECIAL!!
guys...always look for those stickers at Tower Records!!

I was so happy for her < 3 

After some time we went to the station, took the train together and said baibai < 3 
it was an amazing day 

My gets  
Laura gave me those as a present! *_* 



  1. Purikura is really funny. I love your photos and new items. :3
    Bai, Shiki

    1. I love making puris! < 3 hahah
      thank you <3

  2. Cute puri!